Ready for motherhood

In Indian traditions after pestering girls to get married they pester them about when will they provide kids. When will the society change and leave us in peace.

This is my friend’s story…She told me this many years ago

My friend got married into a loving family. She was born into a modern family were her family members never tried to stop her from being independent, She knew her husband and his family before marriage as she was in college with him. His family was also modern. Her In laws before marriage were quite nice. She told her husband on her wedding night that she doesn’t want become a mother so soon and wants to focus on her career and stuff. The husband didn’t mind. He wasn’t ready to become a father at a young age either. Her MIL was also quite considering and didn’t mind about a child at that time. She had a wonderful married life in the initial years where she was loved and have loving in laws and she loved her MIL more then her own mother. 4 years later her MIL went on top of her head to give her grandchild. My friend mentioned to me that she doesn’t mind if its a girl or a boy she just wants a kid to play with. Her husband doesn’t care if he wants a baby or not so its my friend who has to get the constant taunts of being infertile when she is not.

This is what she said to me once ‘Scared of being pregnant, scared of giving birth, and horrified of being responsible for a baby… a child.. for the REST OF MY LIFE!! I don’t want to stop being young yet! I want to keep having fun, traveling, working, going on holiday trips. I want to be able to goof around with my friends and family without hearing constant crying of a child.”

Do you think it is wrong when you want to live your own life without having a child to tag along with?

Hearing constant taunts from her MIL made her feel guilty and depressed and she decided to have a child. I tried to stop her but she ignored me and decided to make her MIL happy. Recently she gave birth to twins and she is depressed as ever. She forgot she has a life of her own. Her husband is really useless. She was the beauty queen of college now she has turned into a maid.


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